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Posted by DennisV on 2013-10-09 22:08:49 in reply to pro line or spider wire? posted by jbass on 2013-10-09 07:44:11

I've had good success with Shimano's PowerPro line.

Spooling your reel with the method shown on the box will impart some twist. So what I do when I get on the boat is let the entire line (with no terminal tackle) unspool while moving at trolling speed and let it un-twist for a few minutes. Then I reel it up, tie on a big diving plug and let the whole line back out again. Then I reel that back in using the pressure of the diving plug to very tightly pack the spool with the untwisted line. This will certainly cut down on the tangles, but more importantly will prevent the other bad habit that braided lines have, namely cutting into, and jamming in a loosely packed spool when some big moe starts screaming off towards the horizon. This can get ugly.

The other tip is to manually close the bail after you cast, instead of tripping it closed by reeling on slack line. That will keep that annoying little loop from forming that will knot up on the next cast.

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