Delta Fishing has been tough...

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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-10-09 19:43:17

It's the X Files again - they beamed them up into space...
At least that's as good an explaination of where the stripers went as any. It has really slowed up since the big blow a few days ago.

There are lots of dinks around but trying to find decent fish has been tough for most of the folks I've spoken with - and for me too.

Today I ran 9 gallons of gas through my Yami F115 - that's a lot of gas for my skiff. Jim Solomon and I did OK considering and we found a few decent, medium-all-purpose fish but most were dinks. We did get into a fun but short lived top-water bite with small fish and while it didn't last long it was a hoot while it lasted.

Anyhow, I sure enjoyed fishing with my old bud, Jim Solomon and I'm looking forward to sharing my skiff with him again.


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