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Posted by Matt Havelock on 2013-10-08 12:52:28 in reply to Delta Yesterday - Sat... posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-10-06 10:00:59

Hi Dan,

It was nice seeing you and Bill Saturday morning. When I looked up and saw Prime Time I must admit I did a double-take and had to remind myself it was indeed Saturday. Due to the incredible weather, I fished both Saturday and Sunday. Beautiful both days! Amazing, really.

Sparky and I fished Saturday. I told him to get up and say hello to you and Bill but I was ignored as he was sunbathing at the time. I got an early start and right out of the shoots the birds were crashing and fish were busting. I was pretty sure the majority were little guys. I started throwing the small yellow gurgler and immediately hooked up with a mini. They were all small except for one nice four pounder that slammed the fly. It was a fun thirty minute session.

Once the sun came up I realized we had pretty poor water clarity. I went searching with LC 13 and was scoreless for about an hour when the birds started up again in a slough with a really nice point. I zipped up there and immediately started marking bunches of fish. The outgoing tide was cranking and it was a challenge to keep my fly deep. I started to get some decent drifts and got hammered by what felt like a big fish. In this case, it was a super healthy nine pounder. Soon after the release I had four bass boats surround me and it was time for me to move on. I struggled the rest of the outgoing until around noon. I had positive thoughts once the incoming started but kept coming up empty. I got a few more fish until I had to bag it at 3pm.

Sunday I fished with my buddy Mike Kalmanson. I was hoping water clarity had improved some from Saturday and was thinking positive thoughts as the sun came up. We both got on the board with a couple medium sized fish. But soon, due to heavy cruiser boat traffic, we went looking for water with wakes less than ten feet. We both hooked a few more medium sized schoolies. To me, it felt like the bite was a little more active than Saturday. We continued to fish in perfect weather until around 3pm. We still had lots of zeros on lots of stops but enough here and there to stay interesting. Mike's best two fish were four and six pounds. The six pound fish grabbed right at the end of his cast so it quickly got on the reel. That was fun to watch. My biggest were a six and a nine. I will take it!

Once again, great to see you and it was nice to meet Bill!

See you soon.


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