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Posted by Jonny King on 2013-10-05 20:11:39

Hi All --

I've messed with tubes on and off through the years, but never really took to them. Never seemed like it was worth the extra fussing for the supposed advantages, but I recently stumbled onto a simple tube fly system that might be of interest to you guys. This particular brand is called "Pro Tubes," and has some products that are of interest beyond the usual steelhead/salmon and swung fly crowd. In particular, there are a series of weights that you can place anywhere along the tube to affect the fly's action -- might be of interest to you rear-weight guys. Also, they have some great fur products I'd never used before -- American Opposum Zonkers, etc. -- that work really nicely. So, I've started tying them for trout, bass, pike and now stripers. The ability to have a long "shank" of the tube to weight as I please, and various other doohickies (like the "Soft Heads" finishing the flies off) has made for a fun new experiment, and so far, I'm liking how simple they are. Since I'm relatively new to the tube fly thing, I'd love it if you guys posted some tubes as well. Here are some examples, and so far they swim very nicely.

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