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Posted by Serge on 2013-09-25 11:06:58 in reply to Re: Cool Skiff posted by Michael Rosa on 2013-09-24 18:19:54

Hello Michael.

I really need to have a closer look at that Pram. I doubt it will do better than the soloskiff. Also, remember that you do not need to spin the soloskiff to make a cast since you can cast at a 360 degrees angle... pretty much like my kayak but this boat stops faster.

The boat is very quiet in the water. Not sure the Pram would be that quiet. Speed on flat can be a great advantage. The soloskiff will not pole as fast as I paddle my kayak, but it is close. Paddling the kayak allowed me to re-position myself to get the best casting angle at bones. No boat, skiff or Pram can allow this. The soloskiff can do this however.

Finally what is your draft for the Pram?

I think you might recall that I have bought a used portabote (14'). This boat allowed me to extend my fishing range and it goes skinny, but as a flats boat, it does not replace my kayak in skinny water. Sluggish is a no no for me when working a flat. I want to be quick, get to these tailers quickly, catch one and go to the next.

(Cheers Michael... no longer a poontangler?).

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