Re: Chumming for GTs on Christmas Island--Revisited

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Posted by Richard Embry on 2013-09-18 16:22:40 in reply to Chumming for GTs on Christmas Island--Revisited posted by Michael Nowak on 2013-09-11 19:41:10

Very well written, Michael, and a legitimate issue for all the reasons others wrote in responss to this posting. I think it's a legitimate issue, and the proposal sounds like a reasonable compromise.

Vince, I've fished both of these fisheries, and comparing this to chumming in Baja is comparing apples and oranges...but, as you noted, the immediate residual effect is similar(the appetite of the fish becomes satiated and they become selective, etc.). This isn't nearly the volume and numbers game like Baja; much, much more finite fishery.

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