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Posted by ray hafsten on 2013-09-15 10:00:31 in reply to Re: Chumming for GTs on Christmas Island--Revisited posted by Bill Mitchell on 2013-09-15 03:36:27

Is it because of the relatively small area that CI GTs frequent? Do they become "Harbor/Dock Tarpon" However, whilst these Tarpon are hand fed they will still take a fly ergo no fishing. Chumming has(and still) existed in Biscayne Bay and the Keys; particularly Biscayne to focus the fish into more visible locales for fly presentation. The ultimate FLA chumming is live bait shrimp for Bonefish and a clipped live crab for Permit. I have not heard any credible comment that chumming in Biscayne or the Keys negatively impacts flyfishing. The negative is a purist's retort bad form. I happen to be in me dotage a purist but whilst I would not do it, I would not condemn those who do either chum to focus or live bait. I believe the best opinion about difficulty and quantity decline for flats fishing Keys and Biscayne is fishing pressure more of us on the flats and eco decline. Permit/Bonefish come to the flats to eat but they live deeper. Having never fishing CI or for GTs do they live in the lagoon and are somewhat analogous to Keys harbor/wharf/dock Tarpon because of chumming. A Keys Permit is "ducks on the pond" when a clipped live crab is fished to it, but a fly, even perfectly placed, very different matter. Could significantly increased fishing pressure in such a relatively small area be the problem?

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