Re: Chumming for GTs on Christmas Island--Revisited

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Posted by Bill Mitchell on 2013-09-15 03:36:27 in reply to Re: Chumming for GTs on Christmas Island--Revisited posted by Vince Staley on 2013-09-13 09:21:53

With respect Vince that just isn't the issue. That you might still get the occasional eat doesn't mitigate that the fishery and the apex predator has been schooled to act in an unnatural way. And it isn't an example of migratory fish where the impact may be substantially lessened. It is a case of resident fish who learn and act funny thereafter. GTs are actually very smart, spooky fish and always require a good presentation. They aren't just eating machines that mindlessly chow down on any fly in their general area. It isn't an issue to be flippant about in my view, it is one we need to take responsibility for and fix. If we don't, the only GTs caught will be hand fed with meat flies - and how sad would that be.

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