Re: Chumming for GTs on Christmas Island--Revisited

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Posted by Vince Staley on 2013-09-13 09:21:53 in reply to Re: Chumming for GTs on Christmas Island--Revisited posted by Jeub on 2013-09-11 20:16:48

I would guess that the GT's couldn't subsist entirely on chumming. Sooner rather than later the GT will open it's mouth to a good presentation.

In the Baja the pangeros chum live pilchards to rooster fish. I've notice on more than one occasion a pilchard traveled beside my fly (safety in #'s?) only to be gobbled up along with my fly. "NO CARNADA NO PEZ" I did hook several pez gallo when the pangero was attending to the sector being fished by my boat partner.

Does chumming ruin the Baja? I can't say but it sure makes for an exciting week under the Mexican sun.

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