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Posted by Bob Arwine on 2013-09-12 22:30:28 in reply to Re: Delta Fish'in - A VERY UNCOMMON CATCH posted by Smolt on 2013-09-12 10:26:52

Hello Smolt,
Thank you for your input. In California, the legal size to keep a fish like this is between 40 to 60 inches measured from the fork in the tail to the nose. This fish measured 46 inches. In addition, hooks that are used must be barbless. Fish known to be oversized are not to be removed from the water. And as you indicated, intentional snagging is not allowed. Also to keep a sturgeon you must be in possession of a report card that must be filled out in detail then sent to Fort Bragg before the start of the next season. Three fish kept per year maximum.
So, I will take your input for what you said. I did not have a report card, the Stay Hungry Minnow had a barb, the fish was not oversized, the fish was out of the water just long enough to remove the hook, measure the length and take the photo. I had a certified scale with me that has been used to verify world records. I did not use it because of concerns of time. Hero shot ok, I'm sure most of us fly fish'in guys take photos of fish we catch.
Isn't fish'in stories better with photos?
I have never had the pleasure of meeting you Smolt, but I am sure your fishing ethics are as perfect as mine.

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