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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-09-12 21:00:56

The last three times we've fished from Bob's boat the wind was perfect and we had lots of action. Twice trying in my skiff the wind was howling and once we fished the west side lee for a few fish and the last time we didn't even launch. Hopefully, Old Prime Time on the Fly will bring us luck on all counts in the delta. I'm taking her up to my wet berth at the Sugar Barge on the 16th for for the season.

We got on the water around 9:30 this morning and were scoring with small fish right away with FT Clousers. We had about a dozen fish to hand when they started working the top, churning small shad like a Mix-Master - stripers jumping completely out of the water and turning flips. It didn't take long for both of us to grab our outfits with the floating lines and poppers.

I was using a RDCF size 1 and Bob had on a small Gurgler. Well, it was a hoot while it lasted. Those fish just inhaled my Crease Fly; ditto for Bob's Gurgler. We had lots of blow-ups and misses and I lost a nice one in the weeds. We both ended up with a half dozen each on top. It was a hoot! That action didn't last long though so we went back to the reliable FT Clouser, size 1 in white/yellow/brown.

We fished about 4 hours and then bagged it - another "gentleman's" fishing day, with about 32 landed. We each caught a few legals which pulled like crazy, one even putting itself on the reel; nothing over 4 pounds though.

Another fun day - Thanks Lucky Bob.


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