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Posted by Geoff on 2013-09-11 20:38:47 in reply to Re: Just to be fair... posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-09-11 12:06:14

Dan, Chumming the flats was my reference not chumming in general. The area's you highlight are "acceptable" for the majority. Everybody's line in the sand is different. As flyfishermen, we frown on the Boca Grande pass tarpon jagging- why? Is it an extension of what we find unacceptable? Personally i find it abhorent. But thats just me, the jaggers perhaps frown on why we flyfishers make it so hard for ourselves, with tackle and delivery...

Peoples motivations for fly fishing the flats are can vary. Many find the hunting, and sight fishing aspect of it most exciting. Choosing to maximise the purity and self limitation of this makes sense.

A question for the pro-chummers-Would you fly to florida to catch a deep water permit on a crab bait? Or would you prefer to catch one on the flats on a fly? Which would you find most exciting?

How do you feel about bait-tipping the fly? is that "fly"" fishing?

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