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Posted by Bob Arwine on 2013-09-11 14:55:18

The striper catching is getting better! I went twice this week. A real bonus Monday almost no wind. The sight of Mt. Diablo on fire was incredible, I hope that not too many people got into trouble. Many smaller (under 20 inches)Stripers-29 ea. Several over 5 pounds-6 ea. Char/White Stay Hungry Minnow worked.
My Bro-in-law phoned and he had a day off and was about 4 miles away so I told him to come over and try the spot I was fishing. So he did and almost immediately started catching. I had been working the rock wall but decided to try the shoal. I caught several Stripers and then I got a little tick, and I did a strip set and before I knew what was happening the fish had taken all my line and was many yards into my backing with the fish still heading North. I let out a "Ya-HOO" to let my Bro know I was into something big... No response, as he was a couple hundred yards away. At this point I was trying to catch up to the fish and hold on to the straining 8 weight rod. Now, several minutes later after getting back to the fly line 3 times I wanted my Bro to get over and see what was going on. So, I got out my signal horn and beeped it several times. Several minutes later he got closer and I asked for advise. "A big salmon?". I don't know,I haven't been able to see it yet. Several more minutes.. I think I saw an outline of the tail.. I think it is a big Salmon. So, after about 48 minutes I got it to the boat. 46 inches... Check out the photo. My arms are still a little sore.. HA!

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