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Posted by Steve P. on 2013-09-11 08:34:12 in reply to Re: Christmas Came Early This Year - Fly Fishing Kiritimati posted by Geoff on 2013-09-11 07:24:47

Thanks for the global perspective Geoff - I was not aware that this was frowned on all over the world.

Just to be fair to the Shark Place, I have been told that all lodges at Christmas other than the Villages chum.

Also to give a clearer picture about the operations, we chummed 2 afternoons (I think most parties are limited to 1 afternoon) in only 2 spots -
the Trevally Channel that is on the edge of a big flat, and at Hot Dog which is a pancake flat about 40 yards in diameter surrounded by deep water in the lagoon. Not exactly "chumming the flats" proper.

The Christmas lagoon is huge, 12 miles in its largest dimension, so it seems like it would take a lot of chumming to modify behavior of a large part of the trevally population significantly. It would be interesting to know how much chumming goes on - how many anglers, how many different spots, how many times a week. The lodges that I know about are the Shark Place, Villages, Ikari, Captain Cook Hotel, and the Mini-Hotel. At full capacity, leaving out the Villages that does not chum and assuming 12 each and assuming only half go for GTs on the chum, that might be 24 anglers chumming typically 1 afternoon each a week in 1-4 spots as a guess.

There are a lot of flats in the lagoon that one book says is 125 square miles in area. On late guide Polau's map of the bonefish flats that hangs in the Shark Place and the Villages, there are about 45 different large flats identified.

It would also be interesting to know how large the GT population is and whether it is being affected. Anecdotes suggest that it is.


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