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The problem is NOT with Oracle USA's 72 footer. It involved the three 45 foot catamarans that were used in some AC world series races, held around the globe.

Some small number of folks, modified all three of Team USA's 45 footers, so they no longer conformed to the strict one design rule that existed for those boats.

The upper team management were unaware of this; but once they discovered it, they reported it, and resigned from the regattas, they had won, with those boats. By pure co-incidence, Team New Zealand was second to team USA in both of the regattas at issue, so now becomes the winner of those two.

Unfortunately the International Jury, has handed Oracle a two race penalty for the Americas Cup, plus fined them $250,000 and ejected one critical team member and penalized others (4 total I think).

So now Oracle must win eleven races to retain the cup. Team New Zealand still has to win nine races to capture it.

It is the worst of all possible scenarios.

Yes can the few varmints, level a fine (maybe not as big as that); but let the sailors go out and settle the races on the water.

This penalty is very demoralizing for both teams. Kiwis don't want to win on a legal technicality. They want to win fair and square on the water in the original best of 17 races, not a first to nine or eleven out of 19 races.

Good luck to both teams.


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