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Posted by John Papciak on 2013-09-05 12:37:21

Thanks for all your feedback. I feel like an odd bird on the East Coast with my shooting head systems...but as always, looks like this board can help keep me move this forward.
The next question concerns striper fishing and "dredging" -as was implied in one of Dan's posts.
I do a bunch of fishing from shore, but often in proximity of steep drop offs. I particularly look from dramatic changes in water depth, as I like how the currents set up, and I always feel I am in better position to target fish waiting in the eddies or seams.
FWIW this is the exact opposite of sight fishing. I am fishing mostly at night and fishing places where the bass *should* be.
But as you can picture, I noticed that I can lose a fly to the bottom, or at least dull the point as it is much more likely to make contact with a mussel bed, shells, rocks etc.
The only fly that seems to work for me is a weighted bendback that I worked up around 1995. It obviously rides point up, but just as important, it tends to be weedless.
But thats it. I must have a million of these weighted bendbacks in all sizes and colors. I feel like a one-trick pony.
Any other ideas on less sticky patterns that can be fished with an LC-13 type head under similar circumstances? A clouser was ok, but the bendback was far superior in this situation.

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