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Posted by Victor on 2013-09-05 12:12:29 in reply to Owyhee in September posted by Daryl Stone on 2013-09-04 19:37:48

I echo Andy B's comments, I live a little west of Boise and fish it regularly,I have an out of state group of guys that spend a week with me every fall but they canceled due to the very dry conditions,low water and high water temps,several guides and fly shops have also canceled trips until conditions improve,all that being said the river is no secret and gets fished hard,keep an eye on the weather check daily on high/low temps in Adrain Or.also the Owyhee dam out flow if you arrive when they go too minimum winter flows expect at least a few days for the fish to settle down and lastly some fish will already be in early spawning mode, I stay away from any riffles and only work risers hope this helps,feel free to contact me

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