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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-09-04 17:58:00 in reply to Anyone out there still use LC-13? Questions posted by JohnP on 2013-09-04 16:35:59


Lots of West Coast anglers still use LC-13. It fishes just fine and some even claim it fishes better than T-14.

Everyone may fine tune them a bit differently but personally I've grown to like 28-feet of LC-13 or T-14 for 8- to 9-weight rods. I've gone as short as 25 feet for 6- and 7-weight rods and I like 30 feet for 10- and 11-weight rods. I never go longer because it's just too much work to cast.

This all said, I'd start with 30 feet and cut back until it feels just right for your rod and particular casting style.

Remember to water-load whenever you can instead of aerializing the false cast. It's just easier and cuts down on the arm-waving. I've got an article on casting shooting heads and heavy sinkers in the archives; here's the link:

You may know all the stuff that's in the article but just in case you don't you might want to give it a read.

Like Captain Bud, I prefer double-catch, 50-pound braided loops at each end of my heads. One for attaching the shooting line and the other for looping on a leader.

My article "Getting Looped" in the Tackle and Techniques section (do a Google search) shows how to make and attach the loops.

I think you'll find you'll be getting into a lot more fish by doing a little dredging. 90 percent or better of our West Coast striper fishing is done with LC-13 or T-14 heads of some configuration - even in water as shallow as 6 feet.

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