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Posted by Jay Remley on 2013-09-03 14:31:18

My youngest son and grandson made it up on the Sacramento River with me for a day of salmon fishing. My oldest son and Grandson couldn't make it this time but will be joining us for another trip this weekend. We fished with Orland Outfitters guide Billy Simons. We had a great day hooking into 8 and landing 5. Also missed a few grabs.

We met him at 5:15 at the Finch launch ramp near Hamilton City. The Ord Bend ramp is closed due to construction so the Finch Ramp gets pretty busy. It was a beautiful morning and and the day didn't get too hot. Billy's a great guide and fun to fish with. We anchored most of the morning and used wrapped quick fish. Did some trolling late morning and afternoon. Nice easy relaxing fishing.

A couple days after that my wife and I headed up to Newport Oregon. We had a free week in a cabin on the coast just south of town and used our Alaska miles for the trip up so it was a pretty cheap trip.

I had found Jesse Sampson of Small Stream Outfitters on the net a few weeks earlier and he had a couple open days. We fished the Siletz the first day and the Nestucca the second day. Jesse knows the waters very well and had me into sea run cutthroat right off the bat. Not huge fish - most were 12-14" with a few to 16" but a lot of fun on a 5 wt. I fished mostly small streamer patterns like spruce flies and black nosed dace on the Rio Multi tip line. Didn't find any steelhead or kings but had fun trying. We were slow stripping a chart/white closer and intruder type flies on a 9 wt for the salmon and drifting an egg under an indicator for the steelhead as well as swinging sparse flies like green butt skunks.

We floated about 7 miles of the Siletz and only about 4-5 miles of the Nestucca. Both rivers had some riffle water and some slow water. We fished the cutthroat and kings in the slower water and the steelhead in the riffle/faster water. I did hook into 1 steelhead on the Nestucca. I got him near the bank twice but came unbuttoned on his third run. He looked to go maybe 10 pounds. No luck with the kings.

Newport Oregon is a nice area. Did some touristy stuff-Aquarium/light house tours. Had some chowder at The Chowder Bowl restaurant and an excellent fish sandwich at Georgies. I may try to make it back up next year but probably later in the year-better fishing.

I'll be on the east coast the month of October. First time in 25 years I won't be fishing the delta in October. I'll be trying the stripers in the Chesapeake and Albies off Emerald Isle NC. I'll let you know how that goes.


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