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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-09-03 14:17:08 in reply to Just wondering posted by Leo Gutterres on 2013-08-31 20:15:46

Hi Leo,

I love John Quigley's twisted leaders and I prefer the ones with the small Spros swivel for attaching tippets. I only use them with intermediate and floating lines; floating lines like the ROS in cold water and tropical with big bugs although I would use them for tarpon, snook and redfish with smaller flies provided they were not too spooky. Like Bill Blanton, I loved them for peacock bass and rigged pretty much like he did.

I also use them exclusively on the delta with intermediate and floating ROS lines.

For full sinking work I prefer a straight 20-pound Berkley Big Game leader about 8 feet long. They sink better and offer less resistance to the water column. Weighted flies turn themselves over so a tapered leader is not required.

I usually use the 5- or 6-foot twisted leader with a tippet that will take me out to around 9 or 10 feet. The Spros barrel swivel makes changing tippets easier (I use the Kreh/Harro loop knot) using loop knots to attach both leader tippet and fly. The swivel also promotes good fly turn-over, especially when using big flies or poppers like the RDCF.

I like the shock-absorption the twisted leaders provide too. This benefit is huge when trying to turn big fish in a "give-no-line" situation.


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