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Posted by LeeH on 2013-09-03 10:26:22 in reply to Re: Just wondering posted by Bill Blanton on 2013-09-01 12:07:57

Hey Bill,

What a great red, Bill. You guys sure had a nice trip!

Did the tarpon fishing improve after I left? I know you had a few weeks of cold, rainy conditions.

Bill, primary reason I don't use the commercial leaders IS the shorb loop. I use the single strand loop for my "fuse", and the shorb loop provides too much strength. I tie my twisted leaders with 17# test, which gives me around a 20# breaking strength, at the loop. With this in play, I don't need any additional class tippet, but can attach the bite directly to the twisted leader loop, with a No-Name knot. This way both knots, (including the fly) are tied with the bite leader, and totally 100% and fool proof.

Several years ago, I fished tarpon near Panama City, and the water was gin clear. I used a twisted leader and 60# test. After a couple of rejections, I dropped down to 40# and got bit. The twisted leader was not the problem, it was the size of the bite.

Also, I don't use flourocarbon, ever, for anything, and carry a tube of 2' pre-straightened mono bite tippets, in several sizes.

Bill, if you tie your own twisted leaders, you can make them just about any length, without limit. The 9 1/2' leaders, that I used with you, were tied by Leo, but I made some of my own, too.

Yes, for snook the shorter twisted leader is perfect, with the bite tied directly to the twisted leader.

Twisted leaders sure take all the guess work out of big game leaders and knots, creating a simple 100% system, with an appropriate fuse.

Like you, I would probably use a different system in the Keys, although I think a long, 10' to 12' leader (using a 9 1/2' twisted leader) would work just fine for tarpon.
I think the primary issue for clear-water tarpon is the size of the bite leader anyway, and when you are forced to drop to 40# test, your chances of actually catching a big tarpon are nil, from the outset.

[I only use tapered leaders for permit and bones.]

Bill, I hope you and Sue are doing well!
Leo, thanks again, for introducing me to twisted leaders!


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