Disappearing Water

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Posted by Joe R. Ellis on 2013-09-02 09:00:32

Canadian River water is rapidly disapearing duue to increased population, big business, and lack of concern and understanding by the general public.
Lake Meridith, north of Amarillo Texas a once premier Walleye and Bass factory is almost devoid of fish. This large reservoir was at one time more than 100 feet deep. It is now at 28 feet and dropping. There is tlk that this dam could be removed in the future. Amarillo used and misused the water until it is gone forever and now draws their water from wells. The under ground aquifer now drops at 4 feet per year.
One hundred miles up river is Ute Reservoir (my home lake). Twenty feet low at this time it will soon lose a great amount of water to a 560 million water project that will pipe this liquid to the cities of Clovis and Portales New Mexico. Large dairies, increased crop growth to feed cattle and grow corn for Ethenol, increasing population and a huge air base are the culprit. Their water supply at this time is also an aquifer, dropping 3 feet a year it has less than 50 feet left.
Fifty miles up river is Conchas Dam . Built in the 1940s as a WPA project the once proud and beautiful lake over 100 feet deep now sit at 50 feet. Due to climate change and lack of snow in the mountains water hass only came into the lake twice in four years. The only savior to the lake at this time is that the level is to low to draw irrigation water from but evaporation still takes it's toll. A plan by the irrigation company in conjunction with the Corps of Engineers to dredge the out take and install pumps for further irrigation could take more water in the future.
In this part of the west it is like the auctioners last call, "Water, Going, Going, Gone.

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