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I do have some pictures of the #1 boat from standing under the trampoline.

Can you believe that whole Trampoline decking, is made from twisted GSP cordage. If made on a "loom", they would have twisted two strands together till they got to where they wanted a crossways string, and then kept on twisting till they got to the next cell edge. Problem is this twisting is done in both directions simultaneously, so you cannot slide any of those strings in any direction, and the damn thing is stretched so taut, you would think you were holding a steel wire.

I posted the dagger boards as an example of when you want a carbon fiber "rod" that is infinitely stiff, instead of one that can cast a fly.

It was a real VIP shindig, with the NZ Consul-General, and a bunch of mucky mucks from all of the NZ Universities. Boat crew were all off limits, but the shore and design crew were very open and informative. But I got pictures of stuff I shouldn't have; but they will never see the light of day.

On little tidbit. The rules of course permit only human muscle effort for moving stuff around; no motors or engines.

But you can use hydraulics (and they do) Problem is, you cannot use any mechanical energy storage systems, like a pneumatic tank to keep pressure on the hydraulic lines.

So if the grinders aren't grinding, there's NO hydraulic pressure to move that wing or dagger boards around, so when they lost their two biggest grinders off the boat, when they went submarine mode, they had to finish the race less two big grinder chaps.

The AC races coming up, should be fantastic, no matter who wins.


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