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Posted by GES on 2013-08-30 22:50:42

So we run around the delta at 30 miles an hour, and complain about the bass boats going by at 45 MPH.

I was lucky enough to get invited to a VIP party, to drink New Zealand wines, and eat all the green shell mussels I wanted; at the Emirates Team New Zealand Americas Cup Team base on Pier 32 in San Francisco.

Now I don't go to San Francisco, for any reason. Nothing there I need or want; so they had to bribe me with a promise, that I could crawl all over the ETNZ foiling catamaran sailboat, that just beat Italy's Luna Rossa, for the Louis Vuitton Cup, giving them the right to race against Larry Ellison's Team Oracle/ USA for the Americas Cup, starting next week.

So I took the family and off we went, last evening. While it was daylight we got the Cooks Tour of the boat and gadgetry from the designers, and shore crew.

They wouldn't let us in the cathedral, where the #2 race boat was undergoing some Kiwi higher education, but the number one boat whose design they had sold to Luna Rossa, to get them up to speed sooner, was out in the yard where we could inspect that. Well everybody has seen that on the water so no secrets there.

But they only have two wings, which were in another shed, lying down on edge. They are 130 feet long (tall) and about 40 feet wide, so you need a Zee lift to get up there and work on maintenance.

I took a bunch of very wide angle photos, with a 16 mm wide angle zoom. Could have used my fisheye lens. Some of the pictures, were of secret stuff, so I can't show those.

Of great interest was the dagger board hydrofoil, that this boat flies on. They had built two of these at $400,000 each, but they never put them on a boat, so they were using them as a gate to go into the Waka, where we partied after dark. I took a picture with Eric so you can see the size of the water ski, that this seven Tonne boat flies on. The tab end is much smaller than a surf board, about five feet long and two feet wide at the widest. It is covered with graffiti, where they let everybody in New Zealand sign the two boards.

So fat the highest speed they have gotten up to is 47.18 knots, which is 54.3 mph. That's over the speed limit on the Golden Gate Bridge (45 mph). They'll go faster than that next week.

Too fast to troll from.


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