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Posted by Earl on 2013-08-29 17:37:28 in reply to Re: How to determine max drag of fly reel (and surging drag) posted by Steve P. on 2013-08-29 10:15:03

My Shimano scale is about 20 years old but here is the description. SHM-SC20 stainless steel spring and hook. 20# scale with indicator. I also have a 50#. I used to use them for setting the drag on my 2 speed Shimano reels for Marlin and other big game.

It is not the pound strength of the braid that is the consideration. At Christmas Island I had my reel cranked all the way down and a 50# GT will easily pull off 100 yards. Once it gets out that far it will break you off by dragging your backing across the coral. The thicker the braid the better the chance you can survive that pulling across the coral. I lost two lines because the GT got out there and destroyed my backing. All I got back was some seriously frayed 30# Dacron. With all that said, it is extremely dangerous to fish this way. If you get a finger caught or get wrapped some other way, you are totally screwed. I was using straight 80# fluoro for my leader. I used seriously big time Owner Gorilla hooks so there was not going to be any hooks straightened on GTs. On the two I caught I saw no issues with leader damage.

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