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Posted by Earl on 2013-08-29 01:19:36 in reply to How to determine max drag of fly reel (and surging drag) posted by Steve P. on 2013-08-27 12:48:33

I just used my Shimano scale with highest weight indicator and pull on the reel. The real deal is startup inertia but total drag is important too. Lot of reels out there that don't have much drag and when it comes to GTs and especially when you can't chase them in a boat you are totally dependent on the reel drag. I have caught a 35# and 50# but lost bigger. Looks like the Hardy Fortuna is the way to go. Here is the reel test from Trident.

I have Galvan reels and caught my GTs on a 10 wt. The 8,10, and 12 Galvan Torques all have the same drag. I have read they have only 1% startup inertia so I was not as concerned about that part of the test. I did my own testing on an 8wt Torque using my Shimano Scale and got 12 pounds with it totally cranked down. Surprising how bad the Able and Tibor Signature did in this test. If I got for GTs again. I am getting a Fortuna or a Galvan Tournament 14 and loading it with minimum 100 pound braid backing to keep them from cutting it on the coral and using Airflow GT line that is rated for 50 pounds.

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