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Posted by Ben L. on 2013-08-27 22:06:00 in reply to How to determine max drag of fly reel (and surging drag) posted by Steve P. on 2013-08-27 12:48:33

At high drag settings cork drags deform and can freespool. As smooth as cork is, it is a compressible, deformable material. Jack Erskine wrote about this phenomenon previously on this board about how cork drag can vary dramatically at high drag settings (which I assume you are using for GT), this is an excerpt but you can google and find the post:
This is correct. but they can do nothing that Carbon Fibre can't do beter with-out the inherent problems of Cork.

Cork having the compressive nature it has produces some good features also some not so good, the Main Problem being the severs "Accelleration" problem they suffer , This is the differential between Slow Speed Running Drag &
High Speed Running Drag which can vary dramaticaly dependant on spool rotational speed.& as much as 50% increase from the static drag setting can occurr in some instances !!!

By the same token it also suffers in reverse, As with a High Static Drag Setting on a big SWF Reel you will find that the Drag starts to slowly slip& creep off at a considerable less Poundage than the Preset when long periods of constant pressure is being applied to a big fish, this is know as "Creep " so you will see this material is very inconsistant especialy with high drag Settings.

It's why no big game conventional reel that can have high drag settings use cork anymore.

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