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Posted by Jim Williams on 2013-08-27 16:04:24 in reply to Re: Smallies on top video part II posted by Jbird on 2013-08-27 14:21:29

It's funny in a way in that Wisconsin is probably best known for it's lake fishing for walleye and musky, usually with gear. However, I think the two areas where we are world class is in smallies and muskies in rivers. There are dozens if not hundreds of medium sized streams all the way up to fairly decent sized rivers best fished from a boat that feature smallies. In general, the bigger the water the bigger the fish, though there's nothing wrong with 19". On the numbers rivers, it's not hard to land forty fish or more in one day and it's almost all on top. We also have dozens of middle to fairly large sized rivers that have a terrific musky fishery that's sees very little pressure. Almost all the gear guys are on the lakes and flowages and there's just a small contingent of us that fish ski's on the fly. Actually, some of the biggest smallies one will catch each year is in the late fall while fishing 10" flies for musky. I caught three of them last year pushing 20" which were seriously fat while fishing in November for musky.

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