How to determine max drag of fly reel (and surging drag)

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Posted by Steve P. on 2013-08-27 12:48:33

I did a quick search for this but it does not appear to have been discussed on this board.

Does someone have an inexpensive, reliable way to test the max drag of a fly reel? I was fishing for GTs at Christmas Island last week and my Ross Momentum 6 at max drag setting proved too wimpy to limit GT runs even with hard palming whereas my TFO Hayden 2 did OK on GTs to 55 lbs. My buddy landed an 85 lb GT on an Abel Super 12W without reel trouble (but he was exhausted - ha ha). I'd like to put numbers to those performances.

(Frankly, I was surprised at the uneven performance of all 3 reels - line surged out at high drag settings. Can different kinds of cork drag lubricants help with that?)


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