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Posted by GES on 2013-08-25 02:44:23 in reply to Re: Toyota Highlander, Honda Pilot, or Subaru Outback? posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-08-23 12:49:51

Dan, when I towed my 13 ft Whaler on that great Baja caravan of 1973, we had the boat and the VW squareback sedan (1967) loaded to the gills with food and water as well as the fishing gear. The trailer had 14 inch wheels as near as I can remember; I know I had to special order the axle.

On the whole of that trip, I was never conscious of having a big load behind me. Damned if I can figure out why the combination worked as well as it did. But the real problem was in the launching and retrieval of the boat.

I know what you mean about the Cherokee push problem. I don't think it necessarily was so much about the lighter weight of the Cherokee, and it actually had plenty of brakes; but the required pedal pressure for full braking was unduly high; insufficient power assist, so one tended to just not push hard enough on the pedal, to get the full braking that was available. But the Tahoe was definitely a good move.
Even when Eric was driving the Cherokee, with no trailer, the required brake pedal pressure was excessive. I'd get out of my Subaru, and drive the Cherokee, and have a hell of a time readjusting to the pedal pressure.


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