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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-08-23 12:49:51 in reply to Re: Toyota Highlander, Honda Pilot, or Subaru Outback? posted by Russ Smith on 2013-08-23 12:25:55

Hey Russ,

My Cherokee got pushed through more than one stop on Sellers by my skiff, which was not that heavy. It just didn't have the weight/mass/breaks to make quick stops while towing a boat. I purchased my Tahoe in 1989, still have it at 170,000 miles and it tows and stops my Eagle 180 without a problem. I don't even know the skiff is back there.

I don't get great mileage towing - maybe 16 to 18 mpg but I realize that there is always a trade-off with tow vehicles and I'd rather give up the mileage for a better, safer tow vehicle. I do have 4-wheel drive and I'm glad I do, since I've used it a time or two on slick ramps.

I plan on putting in a new engine when this one gives it up. I can have one installed for under 10 grand (the cost of my new Yami F115) with a better warranty that a new rig.

No more light weight tow vehicles for me.


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