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Posted by Mike McKenzie on 2013-08-22 14:27:32 in reply to When life gives you lemons... posted by Jbird on 2013-08-21 17:45:28

when fishin' Trapper Slough in the Delta back in the mid 60's, it was one of the 3 sloughs that one could fish top water bass bugs with consistency during the summer months because of water clarity. 90% of Delta waters back then average less than 10 inches with respect to visibility.

There was one day when there was a huge blow-up of a take and I thought it was gonna' be a huge (for the time) largemouth... It turned out to be a about a 4lb Channel Cat! I was really surprised by that as I'd never heard of such a thing! Over the years though, we caught them often enough that it lost its being "unusual" but not enough to call it "commonplace". I sure wish cameras were more readily available back in those days! Now days, thanks to the idiots that decided to dump water Hyacinth from their fish ponds into the Delta waterways one can't float a boat in that water now. Sad!


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