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Posted by Bob Arwine on 2013-08-22 09:39:12 in reply to Jointed Poppers posted by Jbird on 2013-08-21 22:24:08

Hello J Bird,
Wire (stainless,monel,spring steel) can all be haywire twisted to make eyes that your leader or other wires can be attached to. I have often, with good success, only formed the eyes at both ends of the wire and had the wire ends bent back towards the other eye a short distance. With this done, trying to make the wire attachment as fail proof as possible, the wire can be ruffed up with a file or sandpaper which will make for better adhesion of the glue you will be using and whatever body material you have. Use a hacksaw blade or band saw to make a slot that is a little larger than your wire in your body parts. Drill a couple of holes (perhaps 1/8th inch)from the bottom of your body to slightly passed the slot you made. Fill this slot and holes with epoxy then set in your wire. Too involved?? Weight is saved by not making a haywire twist and so far with my production flies or ones I have made for myself and buddies, there has never been a failure by just folding the eye bend back to the connecting standing part of the wire. I feel the short amount of time making the slot and drilling the holes is better than having the wire pull out later. I am currently working with a manufacturer who will be making kits for a fly that uses the above method to attach wires/hooks. I hope these will be available soon. When they are, I will presenting the detailed construction methods here on Dan's board.
Tight Lines, Bob

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