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Posted by Darian on 2013-08-21 23:22:49 in reply to Jointed Poppers posted by Jbird on 2013-08-21 22:24:08

Jay,.... I've been drawing up a popper design for use on Fish Skulls, Articulated Spines. Drawings easy, developing is more difficult. Something I'm thinking about and you might consider is using a cork, balsa or foam head section with a hole in it similar to a Bubblehead popper on a hook. Attach the second segment to the hook bend using knotable wire loop. Then attach the balance of the sections using smaller spines for adding body segments of the same material.

This way the head section delivers the pop-pop and the following sections should wiggle around since they don't have a hook to weigh them down.

Looks good on paper anyway.... ;-)

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