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Posted by Jbird on 2013-08-21 17:45:28

I used to think that about carp but I now believe they are a gift to us!

I had to go to "the city" to run and erand today and brought a rod along. The BIG RIVER is supposed to have some nice smallies. I did connect with a few dinks but the water was badly turbid. I started spotting a couple carp and went into stalk mode. I caught two fish exactly the same way. I saw a fish swishing on a distant bank, made a quiet cast with a wooly bugger and watched as a lump of water rushed after it! I just LOVE seeing that!

The first fish was perfect for my 6wt... maybe 2-3 lbs. The second fish.... not so much! I thought I might break my rod highsticking a couple times trying to get this beefcake to hand. The third fish, I stalked and persued, made the hookup and much to my surprise, it was not a carp! In fact this crazy thing jumped defiantly 3 times!! My first ever.

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