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Posted by Max Garth on 2013-08-19 21:44:35 in reply to Re: For interested parties posted by Phil Ewanicki on 2013-08-19 13:48:22

Actually that rod is 12' and has standard fly rod guides, and the reel is underneath, and the weight is not really evident, since it's held with two hands, and about chest height. I was amazed at the lack of weight, or apparent weight. My Maxum is heavier than the Penn, but I cast it on a 11' TFO switch as easy as pie.
I was more than amazed, like totally floored at the effect the first time I cast it. And another thing that floored me was that these reels are out there in millions and are never used as fly reels. Everything works normally if it's right hand except the spool goes backward, which isn't a bother.
Mind you I wouldn't use one on a 9 footer but there must be smaller lighter models that would fit the job.
One thing that also floored me, was the fact that on 15 footers, like Talon Midgar things, heavy types, you can roll cast the outfit endlessly off reef areas, like we have, till the cows come home, and it's not tiring.
I've used the TFO 11' switch and the Maxum off ocean rocks and its a very easy outfit to use.
Just set one up on a 11 foot DH rod and see what happens. There are more than "advantages" with DH rods, but I wouldn't use it on 9 footers. The one hand method just doesn't fit the reel. Or the reel doesn't fit the one hand casting.

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