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Posted by Michael Rosa on 2013-08-19 14:29:22

If someone were to ask me which restaurant is my favorite in the lower keys my immediate response is the Square Grouper mm22.5 on Cudjoe key. They have a $9 blue plate special for lunch that cannot be beat! One night a couple of weeks ago I went in for dinner and sat at the bar since my wife did not accompany me on that trip. I got into a conversation with a local guide and of course it centered around fly casting, lines and fishing. At one point my new friend asked if I had tried the new SA Bruce Chard line and of course I had not. He got up went out to his car and gifted me an 11wt to try. On Saturday I returned for the smoked chicken and waffle blue plate (two waffles chipotle maple syrup,smoked chicken and a glass of beer) and brought along a half dozen Last Supper flies in case I ran into Capt Rob again. Sure enough Rob came in and we again talked fishing for a while. What are you doing this afternoon he asked. I replied, “you mean besides sweating?” Yeah, lets go check out a spot I need to scout for a charter. The wind was blowing 18-25 but I could not refuse an offer like that. So we met up at Dolphin Marina and headed out back. Aside from the wind it was a beautiful day. I had several shots, a case of buck fever and my casting left a lot to be desired. Capt Rob stuck the pole and started working on my casting stroke. The last thing I expected was a casting lesson in that wind! Rob was extremely patient and really helped me get my act together. After half an hour I was casting much better than I had in years. I had talked myself into failure using my surgeries as an excuse. Listening to Rob’s instructions I was able to take the shoulder out of the equation and make the cast into that wind using most of the line. I also learned how to spot Permit over dark bottom. Rob explained he had great success fishing areas other guides did not because they could not spot the fish in those conditions. That’s when I discovered he was a College baseball player with 20/10 eyesight. Following his lead I was able to tune these 64 year old eyes in and started seeing the fish. I never hooked up but I felt that I had just enjoyed a seminar on fishing the flats in my new back yard. Capt Rob’s website is
Every so often some folks here in Blantonville ask for guide recommendations. If you are planning on fishing the lower keys consider a day with Capt Rob, you will not be disappointed… Let me know if you are in the area and I’ll put a shrimp on the barbie(apologies to my friends from down under,lol)..michael
ps I really like the Chard line on my 10wt, shoots like a rocket, no memory and slightly textured (not enough to make your fingers sore like the sharkskin).

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