Delta Stripers with Steve Santucci

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Posted by James on 2013-08-19 13:06:01

Fished the Delta with Steve Sunday. It didn't look good first thing in the morning, LOT'S of wind and bit of muddy water, but still fishable. So we toughed it out with the wind, and it was slow, at first. We were about to go for smallies, to get some action ( only 1 fish for a couple hours ). But Steve said "Let's try one other spot first", so a short boat ride ( that boat is fast! )And sure enough, there was fish and the wind DIED, and so we both said, "forget about the smallies!" we are striper fishing! And we caught over a dozen nice fish, no dinks. All in all what a good day. Steve Santucci really has the Delta dialed, and is a blast to fish with him. It was the first trip with Steve, and no way near the last.Here's a couple pic's. Thanks Steve for an awesome day!!

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