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Posted by Q on 2013-08-17 05:21:29 in reply to Re: noise and stripers posted by Kendall Osborne on 2013-08-15 08:49:52

Agree.There is low acoustic coupling between acoustic sources in the air and receivers in the ocean; consequently, human voices will not be heard by fish. Acoustic energy originating from a dropped anchor, moving stuff around the deck is a source in/on the water and so may be observed, depending on frequency, temperature of water, and species dependent sensing mechanism of the fish.
In general, fish do not sense acoustic energy as humans do; if we stick our head in the water, we can hear noise, but without directionality(sounds are all around us), yet marine animals of all sorts sense acoustic energy so differently that we cannot extrapolate our senses to theirs. In other words, a marine animal have directivity index that is species dependent, and frequency dependent.

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