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Posted by Chris Sumers on 2013-08-15 21:54:05 in reply to Re: Synthesized Deceiver posted by Jonny King on 2013-08-15 14:05:06

Jonny, It's not something I'd use all the time but, in the winter when the big females get the urge to feed, they'll chomp down on anything they can swallow...and a some things they can't. I've had trout smack a Zara Spook (6") only to find that they had the tail of a 8-10 inch mullet sticking out of her mouth.

While I doubt that I'd tie a mess of flies that size, I'd have no problem fishing a suspending 6" version. The big difference would be the colors, not quite as conservative as your tie.

I've got some tarpon to go chase over the next couple of months but after they have moved on and we break out the waders, I'll get behind the vise and try my hand on some.

Tight lines, Chris

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