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Posted by Dave N. on 2013-08-14 06:55:45

Anyone ever do any fishing in Cyprus? I've been invited to a wedding in October, and have a couple days to spare -- but the info I've been able to dredge up doesn't look particularly promising -- their only native freshwater fish is European eel; all rivers are closed to fishing but a few reservoirs offer various stocked offerings (carp, zander, lm bass, trout, etc.). Salt might offer a shot at sea bass and various nearshore coastal critters, but I don't know if there's enough of them around to be worth the effort. Phrases like "highly overfished", "biological desert", and "…if you are used to diving among the teeming kaleidoscopic fish of tropical waters you may be a little disappointed by the Med" don't exactly inspire confidence.

I'm open to any thoughts or suggestions. Worst case scenario is that I drink a lot of wine, eat good food, and work on my tan for a week.

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