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Posted by Kendall Osborne on 2013-08-13 13:45:48 in reply to noise and stripers posted by Phil Ewanicki on 2013-08-13 11:05:12

I just looked up Myerson and he uses large sinkers that have rattles in them. These are probably louder and lower frequency than little "fly sized" rattles.

Lots of folks believe in fly rattles. But, a Virginia Institute of Marine Science Study revealed that stripers (and some other game fish) do not hear fly rattles. And the VIMS study was done by a fly angler! VIMS actually put an electrode on the ear nerve, exposed the fish to sounds, and measured to see if there was a response in the nerve. There was no response from little fly rattles. However, large buckshot-size clacking rattles in some large plugs did get a response. So I would guess that stripers can hear Myerson's rattles.

The best way to attract big stripers with sound, fly fishing, is to have a friend with a spinning rod cast a big hookless rattle-filled popper and work it on the surface. When a fish hits, pull the popper and cast your fly. :)

PS The fish also could not hear normal human conversation outside the tank. So you probably do not have to worry about being too quiet in the boat.

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