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Posted by Joe R. Ellis on 2013-08-13 11:15:38 in reply to Re: Carp-New Flat....New Deal posted by MICHAEL ROSA on 2013-08-13 06:33:57

Thanks for the reply on Tautog, sounds like a great fish to catch on a flyrod. Here is the pics of the fly you requested, not great as I said they would be. The simple fly was tied as an experiment and continues to catch Carp on this flat so I have not made any changes at this time.

The finished fly shown is a sz8 Eagle Claw L056 hook. The hook and components that I laid out are sz6 for better clarity. I start by cutting the white plastic piece from a cottage cheese container and poke a hole in the center to pass the hook thru. I thread it on the hook first and then tie the doubled .030 lead across the hook as lead eyes would tie. The lead is tied tight against the plastic at the front of the hook. I cement the thread and then fold the plastic back over top and bottom of the hook shank and tie , then tie in the small strip of closed cell foam as meat sticking out from the clam. The strip is cut from the same material that is used to line cabinets on RV's. It also helps to keep the hook upright in the water.

I see the feeding Carp, then cast in front and pst the fish. I pull the fly back, let it drop, and do not move it. When everything works right the Carp advances and sucks the fly in. Most times it is deep in the back of the mouth but some are lip hooked like the Carp in the first post. If you try this fly or make mods to it let us know the results on Tautog. Best Joe

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