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Posted by Joe R. Ellis on 2013-08-11 21:38:56

Moved to fish a new flat on the main lake arm of the reservoir. Three days of stalking, casting and changing flys produced not one take. Flys that worked on the other lake arm were ignored or caused the carp to vacate the area with the speed of a top fuel dragster. Other flys such as small crayfish or nymphs brought the same result. Did I need to retreat andgo back to the same areas that I knew so well or....I'm not a quitter so it was time to stop fishing and observe.

The biggest difference of this flat and others was that it was littered with billions of clams from 1/8 inch to 3 inches in diameter. Obviously the carp were not feeding on the large sizes unless something had broken them open and meat was exposed. But carp do have a crusher of sorts in the back of the mouth and they could be feeding on the smaller sizes was my thought. I left for home 3 miles away and tied up a couple of simple flys that might simulate a small clam with meat hanging out from the shell.

Next morning back at the same flat six sight casts produced the first carp. Four more fell victim that day and the simple clam fly made with a small piece of .030 lead wire, a strip of plastic from an old cottage cheese container and a small piece of light yellow closed cell foam on a sz8 hook continues to produce on this flat.

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