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Posted by Dave Harperd on 2013-08-09 19:26:11 in reply to Ethanol in the Tank posted by ray hafsten on 2013-08-09 06:25:54

As mentioned, the older fuel lines cannot handle ethanol very well. Since it is getting hard to NOT use it, there are few things that will help keep you boat running smoothly--nothing new here:
Always add fuel stabilizer to the mix BEFORE you put the gas in--once the fuel and water seperate it is over. I use Seafoam and or Stabil.

Disconnect the fuel line and run the fuel out of the line and carburator/injectors before you leave the water.

Either completely drain the fuel tank or keep it completly full before you store it. When you leave the tank partially full, the alcohol in the fuel will absorb water from the air space.

I do these things religiously, and have never had any issues with my 2001 Mercury 2 stroke....

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