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Posted by Matt Zawacki on 2013-08-09 10:03:53

My regular job took hold of me as soon as I got back from Loreto this year so I am giving a wrap up report on Loreto a bit late but here goes:

Dorado on the fly was better the second week we were there and they definitely lit up more readily on the fly than by conventional gear. It is amazing how quickly they will chase down a fly, sometimes faster than you can make your first strip even if you start your strip before or as the fly hits the water (always a good way to go and why, amongst other reasons, you always want to cast all of the fly line you have ready to cast). The bill fishing fell off regardless what methods were used and folks still caught big Roosters similar to those caught the first week by again using conventional gear. No one saw Jack Crevalle action as seen the week before but there was other quarry about so no matter. Sardina were readily obtainable throughout both weeks, the seas were flat, and the Sargasso stuck around fairly well. However, at least for my partners and I, throughout the two weeks more often than not when we would find it, no one was home. But there were a few schools of 5- 10 or so around and a mother lode of Dorado was located up north at Pulpito.

We certainly had some great moments on the fly this year.

Erin, a regular in our group, not only caught a 55lb Roosterfish using conventional gear but also caught her first Dorado on the cast fly along with several others as did another person with us, Elias, who only began fly fishing in Loreto last year. Yet another person, using a fly rod for the first time (any fly rod used anywhere), caught what was estimated to be a 55-60lb. monster Dorado via a cast fly and with a 10 weight rod no less. Really an incredible fish. This angler was not in our group but was heavily coached by someone in our group and I am trying to get a picture of Moby Dorado from him to post if he is OK with my doing so. He was in a boat that located the jackpot school of Dorado mentioned above which held literally dozens and dozens of feisty Dorado from what I was told, if not a hundred or more. On Saturday Ron and I came across several mats of Sargasso that held Dorado and we both hooked up regularly; a great way to end our trip. It was really great having Dorado take our Sardina patterns or crease flies so eagerly, even when gear was being tossed by others. When they get bitey like that it is a real workout ripping them in so more can be caught but certainly a fun one.

From a gear and equipment point of view I used a couple of new items this year that I really liked, the first being the stripping bucket from Sea Level Fly Fishing that I already mentioned but that I grew to like even more the more I used it and the second being a 550 grain floating Bill fish line from Rio that when paired with the TFO MD fly rod, threw big wind resistant crease flies with ease; even one that I had that Ron loaned me that he tied larger for billfish. I only had one billfish turn on one of these but it went down instead of giving chase however this line and rod combo worked wonderfully for getting it where I wanted in a hurry.

I realize that like my other reports this one is yet another long ramble but since I go to Loreto to fish versus taking pictures I wanted to try and present what fly fishing in Loreto can be like for those not familiar with it or that are unsure if it is the kind of fly fishing they want to do. Some years are better than others but no matter if you seek a Roosterfish slant in La Paz in April/May or a Dorado slant in Loreto in July. Get to Baja!

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