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Posted by Andy Cappar on 2013-07-29 19:57:32 in reply to Re: West Coast Big Girls posted by JAB on 2013-07-29 18:00:35

They are there. Obviously the night time fish were not sight fished, that was spot fishing with patient, repeated casts to the feeding zone. But, the day and early morning fish were all sight fished. We have beached a lot more, many of which, I didn't have a camera on me or available from a partner or passer-by. Memory suffices! ;-)

I haven't seen very many in the class of Dino's first one, those are not exactly a common catch even on the east coast. But, there are a lot more of them in the east coast inlets that reach that out of proportion size. That said, the ones in these pictures are not uncommon in the right places and times on this side.

With any luck, the no-take management of the past three years will bear fruit and we'll see even more of them in a few years!

Best -
Capt. Andy

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