Fear and Intimidation at Baum Lake

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Posted by Bob Fabini on 2013-07-20 18:39:37

When I awoke with the rising sun near Hat Creek on Wednesday, I had no idea I was going to have one of those "what's the world coming to" kind of days. I decided to take a look at Baum Lake before heading to Manzanita Lake. When I arrived at Baum, no one else was around, so I grabbed vest and rod and walked around to the other side of the inlet. Fish began to rise and, kicking off my running shoes, I carefully waded in, barefoot. I immediately started catching rainbows on a sparkle dun. After about the eighth fish, I noticed that a group of malcontents was gathering around me. It was about 10 individuals, some adult, some juvenile. I began to feel some concern about what was developing. They formed a semicircle in front of me and waited malevolently. When I hooked fish #10, a rainbow of about 13 inches, one of them pounced and took the fish right off the line, leaving me with a dangling 6x tippet. I felt it only fair to warn the members of the Board that this is happening right now before our very eyes!

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