Blane Chocklett......has altered the course of streamer fishing forever.....again!!!!!!

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Posted by Charlie Bisharat on 2013-07-17 09:39:51


My good friend Blane Chocklett has forever changed the way we will view streamer fishing with his newest fly called the "game changer". Another step closer to the realism that the conventional fisherman enjoy, the "game changer" will elicit strikes from every type of fish that eats other fish period!!!!! It is that special.

Blane is completely amazing and "innovative" is an inadequate way to describe him and his thought process.What a cool discovery and what a special fly to have in your box.

Have a look at the video and I think you will agree that the guy is beyond special and that this fly may well be one of the biggest advances we have seen in simplistic and effective fly tying.

Cheers, Charlie

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