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Posted by PaulC on 2013-07-13 03:30:47 in reply to Re: LA in December posted by pedro on 2013-07-12 16:41:30

Hey Peter,

Given your daughter needs to be in Los Angeles, there really isn't much sight fishing going on out here at that time of year in the salt. The only thing we have going on is a cousin of the redfish, corbina, but that is a summer thing.
If you are into freshwater, then there are some good opportunities for trout, carp, steelhead, etc. that time of year within the state.
If you want to hit the surf, its pretty much perch, yellow fin croaker, halibut, and various shark species. Maybe a blind caught corbina as well.
That's all blind fishing though, but is right there in the surf that time of year. Cold water so waders are a plus along with a stripping basket.
If you are in the neighborhood, it might be fun to give it a go for a session or two.

If you can bounce to warmer climates, your opportunities for sight fishing in the salt are definitely better elsewhere.


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